Fr David Bergeron, CC Catholic Charismatic Center, Companions of the Cross, Houston

Sorry for the delay in publishing lately. We are still in some situations that command adaptation as we are beautifying the Catholic Charismatic Center by changing its original carpets. This reminds me of a saying by Fr Bob Bedard, our Founder that goes more or less like this:

To have renewal in the Church, you need to accept that there will be some chaos.

Amen, Amen I tell you, there is a lot of renewal happening in our Church right now. Praying that the new carpets help us in our ever neeeded spiritual renewal as well.

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Blessings and Peace

United in prayer and mission

Padre David


  • hey father david nice pero too much echo and god bless your mission in teaching us more and given us strenght,

    posted by: ramon on 2012-08-17 03:28:46

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