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Today, at the end of this podcast, I share with you the notes of the homily, for your reference, and maybe to share about this important and controversial subject, if you judge relevant to a person you know.

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Blessings and Peace

United in prayer and mission

Padre David


Eunuchs for the Kingdom

Guardians of the harem of a King

Accountants for the King, ensure that there would be no danger for the wife to steal the credit card


Spirituality of Celibacy in consecrated life, especially for priests

Not a dogma, not in the creed, but it is a discipline. In theory, it is something that could change.

But now I want to share beautiful reasons for it not to change. Theological reasons.


Humanae Vitae says that true conjugal love has four characteristic marks:

 it is “an act of the free will,” is “total,” “faithful” and “fruitful” (HV, No. 9)



vocation is answer to call of God, free to listen or not,

when you hear a ring on your phone, you can take the call or not,

Free means also not out of default, ex literal eunuchs cannot become priests,

Freely embraced



Completely: love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your spirit and all your strength

No distractions, undivided heart, “all in”, full time, full attention, full everything

Trying to be  “All to all”, like the Bible says “All things to all men (1 Cor9,22)”,

not all to one person, but all to “the One” with capital letter O, God Himself and His Church

Reminds me  of these other very important words from the Bible regarding marriage: “the 2 shall become one”.  Gen 2,24

As acting in the person of Christ, the word made flesh, the priest becomes one flesh w the Church

“This is my body which will be given up for you”, who is you? The Church.

Consummation of the act of Love between Christ and his Bride, the Church



undivided heart,

no exclusive relationship with a woman,  

because when acting in the person of Christ, exclusive relationship with His bride, the Church



Life coming from the sacraments,

Baptism, new life in Christ, adoption as sons and daughters of the Father


The reason why I consecrated my priesthood to the Holy Family. We need holy families for Holy priesthood. Let’s pray for all of us to answer our universal call, which is to holiness. Amen? Amen

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